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Pond Clarification Services

Pro Pond Solutions offers pond clarifying services which utilizes a liquid emulsion product that is introduced into your pond or lake at the rate of twenty-five (25) gallons per acre via a metered water pump system which we use to spray this material into your pond or lake. This product works very quickly and dramatically improves water quality and clarity in newly built and existing ponds and lakes by locking onto floating silt particles, dirt/mud particles and other debris taking it down and essentially gluing it to the bottom of your pond or lake.

Once introduced into the water this emulsion product will stay semi-suspended for up to three days before settling to the bottom. While it is suspended it is locking onto everything in its path while slowly pulling all of it to the bottom of your pond or lake helping to keep it there. This product also helps to add a protective watertight seal to the sides and bottom of your pond or lake and in some rare cases can be used as stand alone sealant. Also remember, in stubborn ponds and lakes that just don’t want to seal up it can also be added on top of our Patented granulated sealing formula for a crazy strong knock out punch that can’t be beat!

Our emulsion product is also 100 percent safe and will not hurt, harm or kill fish, wildlife, pets, humans, horses, cows or anything else. This product may need to be re-applied every three to five years depending on certain circumstances. Things such as erosion and run off from surrounding property can all play a role and if your pond or lake starts getting muddy or turbid looking after heavy rains it may be time to re-apply this product.

If you are always serious about maintaining your pond or lake and want excellent water quality this product should become part of your maintenance program. This product when applied correctly is also a very useful tool for temporary erosion control when planting new grass seed or other seed on newly cleared property and especially on hill sides.

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