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Grout Injection Services

Pro Pond Solutions offers grout injection services which is a very useful tool and a mainstay in our arsenal concerning the ongoing repair and maintenance of both earthen and concrete pond and lake dams, spillways and all types of underground structures. Pro Pond Solutions utilizes a variety of expanding urethane grout resins to permanently fill voids, holes, tunnels and undermining in and around pond dams caused by rodents such as beavers, nutria rats, musk rats, crayfish, other critters and/or holes that just happen to show up for unknown reasons or even where trees fall over and start leaks.

Chemical grout injection is used to permanently stop high pressure water leaks in earthen and concrete ponds and pond dams when there is a high risk of a pond dam being compromised or being destroyed by a continuous high-volume flow of water through the structure.  Grout injection is a very useful tool in solidifying wet soggy ground in and around pond dams, stopping leakage around riser and/or drainpipe systems or permanently plugging them off in the event of a failure. Grout injection is used to permanently fill in under concrete spillways that have been compromised wherein water is flowing under the spillway structure instead of over the spillway.

Pro Pond Solutions can even use grout injection in most cases to jack up and re-level concrete spillways, concrete slabs, buildings with concrete floors and other concrete structures that have been compromised and are now unlevel. Grout injection is used for solidifying soft spots in roads, erosion control, shoring up sea walls, sealing around manholes, sewer mains, stopping high pressure leaks and seepage in walls of underground buildings, basements, waterproofing of underground structures, jacking up and re-leveling concrete slabs and the list goes on and on.

There is an almost endless list of uses for chemical grout injection services and chances are if you have a problem with any type of earthen or concrete structure above or below ground Pro Pond Solutions can fix it permanently! One final and crucial point of interest is the fact that most of our grout resins used in and around ponds and other bodies of fresh water are NSF approved and deemed safe even for drinking water!

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