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Pond And Lake Sealing

Our main service centers around our Patented process US Patent No: US 11,149,394 B2 of permanently sealing freshwater ponds, lakes, cisterns, wastewater lagoons and other bodies of water that leak, seep or simply refuse to hold water correctly due to both known and unknown reasons. We achieve a permanent watertight seal utilizing our state-of-the-art Patented granulated proprietary sealant formula and our Patented workhorse watercraft spreading apparatus which also utilizes state-of-the-art electronic remote-controlled metered spreading equipment for uniform spreading of our sealant and GPS mapping and tracking when needed for large bodies of water.

All you need for a waterborne application is enough water in your pond or lake to float our boat and we’ll take care of the rest! That’s right, you don’t have to drain your pond or lake and go through the hassle and nightmare of destroying your property all over again when all the heavy equipment comes crawling in along with losing all of your prized fish and other critters you might love. Ask yourself, why would you do the same things all over again? The same hassles, the same nightmares of destruction, the same construction techniques, the same costs, all this all over again and still with zero guarantee of success. You don’t have too!

Our process is minimally invasive, very effective, very quick and the only thing we leave behind are perhaps a few blades of bent over grass and our tire tracks! That’s it! Again, all you got to do is wait for enough rain to fill your pond or lake as full as possible, give us a call and we’ll head your way and take care of getting your pond or lake sealed up for you in very short order provided it is reasonably clean and not overgrown with trees, brush or other debris at the time. In most cases in a just few hours or less than a day and we are out of your way! Our Patented sealant formula consists of various granulated clays and polymers that are 100 percent safe for the environment, fish, wildlife, aquatic plants, domestic and non-domestic animals and humans. Our Patented sealant formula is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-poisonous at any concentration or level regardless of amounts introduced into your pond, lake or other bodies of water. In fact, all the ingredients in our formula are readily found in agricultural production, our food supply, medical products, and/or NSF approved and commonly used in freshwater treatment plants! Our Patent Pending sealant formula can also be dry applied to newly built structures regardless of soil condition, compaction issues or if there are any doubts at all about your pond’s ability to hold water. It also works on old ponds and lakes after being thoroughly cleaned up, renovated, dried out and prepped for application.

Even if it never held water before we can make it hold water and give you a beautiful pond or lake that will hold water correctly, be aesthetically pleasing, add value to your property and most of all give you a life time of enjoyment and pleasure. The standard rate of application is 2,800 pounds per acre for most waterborne and dry applications but can vary depending on soil conditions, soil compaction and/or other circumstances.

For the stubborn ponds and lakes if needed we can also top off our granulated sealant with our liquid emulsion product for a one, two knockout punch that is crazy strong and can’t be beat! We consider our Patented sealant formula to be the absolute best and most comprehensive sealant in the business, with the safest and most powerful state-of-the-arts ingredients available when compared to any other sealant formula on the market. Pro Pond Solutions gives you the best formula, the best results, the best service and the very best bang for your buck when compared to anything else on the market today, period!

Pro Pond Solutions also brings along many, many years of experience and knowledge when dealing with the sealing of some of the most stubborn ponds and lakes ever built! One might say that we have been through the school of hard knocks in this business and we know a thing or two about what works and what does not. Pro Pond Solutions is the best in the business bringing to you the most unique cutting-edge products and services in the world. When it comes to ponds, lakes or other bodies of water, we have a very long list of extremely happy customers and always remember, “We Seal Them When Nobody Else Can!”

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