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James, I just opened your new website. I noticed my project, called Ladd lake, was on the opening page. Then I read what you said about my project. You nailed it. The only thing you left out was the statement you made when I asked what it would like when you were through. If you remember, you said it would look like a state park. This may have been the only thing you said that may not have been completely true. Its looks better than any state park I have ever been to. James, thank you for doing 120% of what you said you would do and finishing way ahead of schedule and at a much lower cost than we projected. James, I would just like to thank you for what you did for me. Anyone looking to have you on a project will make a big mistake if for any reason they do not select you. Again, Thanks!
Pelham Ladd February 20, 2020
I had a very stubborn leak in my pond several years ago. James used his experience and patience to finally stop the leak. I have not had a problem since.
Bob Mayfield February 20, 2020
They did a great job. They sealed off my pond and now it holds water.
Ronnie Clayton February 16, 2020