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Heavy Equipment Services

Pro Pond Solutions designs, builds and renovates ponds and lakes of all sizes and types from start to finish. We have the equipment, the experience, the knowledge and all the tools in our arsenal to help ensure a successful pond or lake project wherever we go. Should we encounter a problem while building or renovating a pond or lake chances are, we have already been there and done that and know just what to do before it can become an issue.

There is no substitute for all the knowledge we have gained over the years when it comes to dealing with ponds and lakes on just about a daily basis. We realize and know that there are a lot of other good qualified dirt moving contractors out there in this world but ask yourself how many can bring what we do to the jobsite to virtually ensure a successful job every time? Not many! We also grub and clear overgrown and cutover land, we build farm and ranch roads from start to finish, build house and shop pads from start to finish, design and build drainage ditches, we design and install French drain systems and much, much more.

If it can be done with a dozer, excavator, tractor, scraper, off road haul truck or any other type equipment we’ve got you covered. I will also leave you with some sage advice to consider when it comes to building ponds/lakes and other earth moving projects.

“Cheapest is not always the best route, you always get just what you pay for and there will never be a substitute for years of experience and knowledge on any given job, on any given day!”

Make the right choice by letting Pro Pond Solutions prove what we can do for you and in the end, you’ll be glad you did!

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