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Pro Seal SAP Super Absorbent Crystals

$357.50 each
$6.50 / lb
Weight: 55 lb


Pro Seal super absorbent granules can be used for gardening, growing flowers, wild animal food plots, and both small and large scale agricultural food crops and many, many other uses. These super absorbent crystals are inert, 100 percent safe and non-toxic with zero risk of contaminating food or water sources. They only absorb and give back the water or other liquids found in the surrounding soil.

When used in small gardens, flower beds, flowerpots, large fields, wild game food plots and many other places theses granules absorb surrounding moisture when available and swell up to 1,000 times their original size and then slowly release and feed this moisture back to the plants for up to thirty days at a time. This is a must have product for people living in arid regions and deer hunters and others who typically plant food crops in the drier times of the year. They can also repeat this cycle many times over before needing to be replenished which is typically one time per year or as crops are rotated during growing cycles.

55 lb Bags
Sold Individually $357.50 each
2,200 lb Pallet 40 ct / 55 lb Bags $13,200.00