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Pro Seal Pond Sealant

$125.00 each
$2.50 / lb
Weight: 50 lb


This is our DIY version of Pro Pond Solutions Patented sealant formula US Patent No: US 11,149,394 B2. Pro Seal Pond Sealant is available in 25lb or 50lb bags, sold individually or by the pallet. (See below prices)

Standard application rate is 2,800 lbs. per acre and should be enough for most leaking or seeping problems. However, a little more cannot hurt, and, in some cases, more may be needed for some stubborn ponds and lakes. We always recommend that you start with at least the standard amount of Pro Seal per acre and if needed incrementally add more until the persistent leaking or seeping stops. A complete seal can take anywhere from 3 days to up to 7 weeks so be patient after adding Pro Seal to your pond or lake and if you have not achieved the desired results after 7 weeks it may be time to add a little more Pro Seal. Simply follow all instructions for applying Pro Seal sealant and don’t cut yourself short on sealant material. I.E. If your pond is 1 ½ acres in size and you only put in enough for a one acre pond the chances are it will not work for you and therefore you will be disappointed in not achieving the results desired.

25 lb Bags
Sold Individually $70.00 each
2,800 lb Pallet 112 ct / 25 lb bags $7,280.00

50 lb Bags
Sold Individually $125.00 each
2,800 lb Pallet 56 ct / 50 lb bags $6,160.00