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Pro Seal Liquid Emulsion Pond Clarifier

$300.00 each
$6.67 / lb
Weight: 45 lb


Pond Clarifier Liquid Emulsion is used to clear up muddy or turbid looking ponds or lakes and keep them that way.

Must be applied at the rate of five pails per acre and must also be applied utilizing one (1) inch water pump equipped with a venturi style suction hose to meter solution into pump at a slow rate in order to mix solution and prevent pump clogging. *Do not pour this product directly into ponds or lakes! Should be applied when rain is not eminent for at least three (3) days. May need to be re-applied every three to five years depending on erosion, silt and runoff coming from other areas. In some rare cases it can be used as a stand alone sealant and/or to enhance a waterborne application of Pro Pond Solutions granulated Pro Seal pond sealant. Can also be used for erosion control on newly cleared and seeded soil in addition to the granulated Floc.

5 gallon Pails (45 lbs each)
Sold Individually $300.00 each
1,440 lb Pallet 32 ct / 5 gallon pails $8,800.00 ($275 each)