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Pro Seal Granulated Floc

$325.00 each
$6.50 / lb
Weight: 50 lb


Pro Seal granulated flocculant can be used for soil erosion control on newly cleared land and freshly planted soil where there is a risk of erosion due to sloped embankments and hillsides

This is a great product to temporarily hold grass and other seeds in place long enough for germination take place thereby minimizing the risk of expensive seeds being washed away along with the labor and other costs of planting. This product also serves to help hold moisture in the soil for longer periods of time as well. *Soil must be thoroughly dry for granule application.

Liquid Floc - (Click here for Pro Seal Liquid Emulsion Pond Clarifier details and prices) Pro Pond Solutions liquid floc can be used for erosion control, pond clarification and in some cases a stand-alone pond sealant. It must be spray applicated using a one (1) inch water pump with a venturi style suction hose while being metered in at a rate slow enough to prevent pump clogging and provide the proper ratio of distribution into your pond or onto soil. *Do not pour this product directly into ponds or lakes! Can also be used to wet in Pro Pond Solutions-Pro Seal granulated floc for a super strong bond to the soil.

50 lb Bags
Sold Individually $325.00 each
2,000 lb Pallet 40 ct / 50 lb Bags $12,000.00